Flashing Colors when exported as .gif

Ive been working on a project and noticed it has color flashing when exported. After looking into it, I’m pretty sure I’m not over the color limit of 256. Checked the colors of each frame. Does anyone know other troubleshooting I should go for? Any help is really appreciated

Also first time posting. Don’t know what im doing :stuck_out_tongue: if the gif shows properly then the color change is in the hair but its way worse when i post it on discord


I think this might be related to the number of colors or layer blending modes in case you’re using them (or opacity on layers).

There are two issues:

  1. GIF files don’t support more than 256 colors
  2. An issue on Aseprite that doesn’t quantize quite right colors (the conversion from RGB → Indexed could be improved, issue #1385)

Opacity on all the layers is max and Im not sure what layer blending modes are but I’ll try to reduce the number of colors and see if that fixes it :slight_smile: thanks

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