Color Pick outside the software

I’m used to have the option to get colors outside the software in other softwares like Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint. I think is a very useful feature be able to get colors from other areas of desktop like open images, browser, etc… specially for people using multiple monitors like I use.

+1 for this feature, though I have been using the very handy freeware tool Instant Eyedropper for windows.


It seems that another user (endlesstravel) made a script for exactly that just two weeks ago! Lucky you! :smiley:

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Great news! It was added to 1.3.


I love this software ^^


What’s the shortcut for it?
I tried I but I can’t target outside of Aseprite

there’s no shortcut for it, it works only as shown in the video: click on the colour button and drag around to pick colour

Not working for me for some reason

E: Drunk.
Still on 1.2.29

aha, that feature was added to 1.3 beta.