Color picker defective after last update ( 1.2.35 )

After the last update the color picker is buggy, the colors do not actively change as you move between shades, in fact, it only shows you the shade when you click on the canvas, i.e. to properly see the color you selected you have to click on it every time.

This has become extremely annoying and frustrating when working several hours a day.

Hi @JACK_jcs, I’m not 100% sure if I got it correctly. Are you using the eyedropper tool and clicking the canvas to get a color from the image and dragging the mouse there to get new colors? What operating system (Windows, macOS, or Linux)?

Probably related to:

Hi, I mainly mean to manually change the color in the color palette, since the update I can rarely see in real time the color settings, I always have to click to test the shades.

In this image you can see I have red (black) selected, but below I clearly try to move to blue and you still see red.

Maybe I’m being silly and it’s some additional option but at the moment I’m pretty frustrated with this.

If it is still difficult to understand tell me so I can try to prepare a better example.

I solved the problem by cleaning the registry and reinstalling.

Oh I see, did cleaning the registry fixed the issue? It looks like a problem with the new implementation of the color picker using shaders. If you disable it unchecking Edit > Preferences > Experimental > Use shaders for color selectors should work as previous versions:


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Thank you very much for replying and sorry for the late reply.

I don’t know if it will be useful for you but I still leave you my experience.

In my case “maybe” it was a problem related to a bad istalation as I have had some VERY annoying problems with Huion tablets, things like selecting one tool, then going back to another and having the alternative tool selected and not the main one.

For example, the Line tool does not stay fixed if I select another tool and go back to it, it usually selects some other secondary tool that is on the same button, it happens with other tools too, apparently it has to do with the pens of the Huion tablets as I tested other tablets to rule out some isolated problem and the same thing happened.

Something similar happened to me with the color selector, when I changed to another color it stayed in black or white, even if I moved it.

After a new installation and cleaning the registry I was able to use the colors normally and I have also seen the changes made to the shades that are now maintained automatically (that’s great).

I have to say that I have been using these tablets for about 3 years and they almost always do these things, the color picker problem was new but it was probably an isolated problem.