Command Line Interface help to export sprite sheets and --split-tags

I have an asset with 2 animations and their corresponding tags: moveUp and moveDown (each tag has 3 frames but that’s irrelevant)
Since the sprite sheet export doesn’t allow scaling I am trying to do it using CLI. I want my output to be moveUp_sheet.png, moveUp_sheet.json, moveDown_sheet.png and moveDown_sheet.json.

I have been looking at the documentation but I am not getting right the command flags. For instance, --split-tags says that it “Save each tag as a separated file”. So I do:

aseprite.exe -b mySprite.aseprite  --split-tags  --scale 2 --sheet mySpriteSheet.png  --data mySpriteSheet.json --format json-hash --filename-format {tag}_{frame}.{extension}  

but the result is only one sheet png file and one json file. There is something I am not understanding with that flag. Is it possible to do with one command the output mentioned above ( moveUp_sheet.png, moveUp_sheet.json, moveDown_sheet.png and moveDown_sheet.json )?

By the way, is it possible to run CLI in a Lua script? because the solution then would be to iterate each tag and run a command that does the scaled export in files for those tag.


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Never mind, I wrote a script to do what I wanted.
I shared it here sheetExporter