Creating custom skin - black area in lower right corner of editor


I’m creating a couple of custom skins and ran into this corner piece that I cannot change (see below). It doesn’t seem to have a value in skin.xml or an image in sheet.png.

Any help is appreciated!


I don’t know which piece it is exactly but if you can’t find it easily it’s usually the same color like some generic color somewhere in the palette. Find the same one, try to change it and you will find it eventually.

In theme.xml, that color is specified in the editor_view_face element:

<color id="editor_view_face" value="#000000" />

dacap - Did you mean skin.xml? Searching did not come up with theme.xml. I did not see an entry for editor_view_face in skin.xml; tried adding your entry with a bright color value, saved (admin), restarted aseprite, and nothing. The entries for editor are all customized. All of the values in my skin.xml use one of the three colors of my theme.

Oh you are using v1.1.13, I recommend you to create a skin for the latest version, v1.2-beta12, you will find now that themes are extensions.

Ah I see. I’ll do that :slight_smile: Thanks!

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