Cursor seems to lag

Hello, this is my first post here so apologies if this is not the right category.

For a couple of days I have been experiencing a weird kind of lag. It isn’t exactly a “lag” because it does not “catch up” just by waiting.

For example, if I choose the brush:
tick a dot somewhere
move the cursor away, say 30 pixels
hold down shift

I only see a line appearing a couple of dots in length. When I wiggle my cursor, the line seems to catch up.

The same happens with the lasso tool, which makes it practically unusable. I don’t recall doing anything special to cause this change in behavior. GPU (3060 GeForce RTX) drivers I have also tried to update, but to no avail. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

EDIT: line tool and marquee tool follow the mouse cursor normally. It seems that the “freehand” stuff is affected.