Cursor seems to lag

Hello, this is my first post here so apologies if this is not the right category.

For a couple of days I have been experiencing a weird kind of lag. It isn’t exactly a “lag” because it does not “catch up” just by waiting.

For example, if I choose the brush:
tick a dot somewhere
move the cursor away, say 30 pixels
hold down shift

I only see a line appearing a couple of dots in length. When I wiggle my cursor, the line seems to catch up.

The same happens with the lasso tool, which makes it practically unusable. I don’t recall doing anything special to cause this change in behavior. GPU (3060 GeForce RTX) drivers I have also tried to update, but to no avail. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

EDIT: line tool and marquee tool follow the mouse cursor normally. It seems that the “freehand” stuff is affected.

I’m having the same issue! Both mouse and tablet pen are frustratingly unresponsive. I’ll watch the cursor move in real time, but it’s not painting wherever the cursor is. The last time I used Aseprite (regretably, all the way back in December) I did not have this issue. I’m on the latest version. Windows paint works just fine, so the issue seems contained to Asesprite. I’ve tried changing the cursor to “simple crosshair” as I’ve seen in some comments, but this did not resolve the behavior.

Hi Elli,

I have since found a brute force way to fix the issue… uninstall Aseprite, delete the entire installation folder, and reinstall. Unfortunately, the problem pops up again after a while… In fact, I’m having the same issue right now and am pondering if I should go through the brute force method again.

Since this works, however, the cause has to be in the settings.

This was solved here, many thanks! Not a bug.

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