Cyrillic font on MacOS

Since some old 1.x.x version on OSX, it renders strings containing cyrillic symbols really weird. I hoped that this would be fixed in recent updates, but so far nothing has changed, therefore I report a problem. You can see how “.ase” in “ыыыыыыыы.ase” is blurred as well:

Here’s what I get on Windows with a mix of Latin, Cyrillic, and Japanese (with 1x screen scaling and 2x UI scaling; looks like OP has 2x screen scaling and 1x UI scaling, making the blur worse):

Looks like the Aseprite font is simply missing non-Latin glyphs and any string containing those characters gets substituted with some other font, which isn’t optimised for the small size.

An interim solution is to set your scaling so that your screen scaling is 1x and your UI is what’s scaled up, which will at least make these other fonts easier to read, even if they still won’t quite have the same style as the Latin letters.

The ideal solution is for Aseprite to expand the font, but that may not be practical, especially for scripts such as Chinese and Korean, which don’t work well at a small size.
(@dacap A while back, I made a font that includes a lot of CJK characters and all the Hangul characters at 9x9, I’d be willing to contribute those glyphs to the project if you want them. I think the Aseprite font is 7px-8px tall but maybe it’ll still look alright?)

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