[Duplicate] Keep marquee tool after pressing the delete button

I had to revive this post, even though there was an answer solving that particular problem.

I understand that we can delete the content of multiple cels by pressing delete, which makes the marquee disappear, but sometimes we need to delete the same shape made with the marquee in different positions on other cels.

In my opinion, leaving the marquee on to be able to re-use it to delete content on other cels in different position (but using the same shape) makes no further trouble other than having to de-select manually, which is done in 1 single step.

While I honestly love Aseprite and have fully migrated to it from Photoshop, there are some conventions present in most (or all) other creative programs that work the same and are ignored or changed in Aseprite, specially surrounding the working of marquee tools. This problem I’m creating the post for is exchanging 1 simple “extra” (de-select) step in favor of relatively greater limitation with little to no benefit.

hello: Keep marquee tool after pressing the delete button

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Well, it seems that there is already an option to keep selection after delete in the settings, my bad.

I’ll leave this post anyway in case someone gets temporary blindness like me.

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Hi there! :wave: about this one, I’m not sure if Aseprite should keep the selection by default, or show an option to restore/keep the selection easily on-screen (or the option should be more accessible).

An alternative would be to (e.g.) pressing Delete one time to delete the content and Delete a second time to remove the marquee. Anyway this isn’t a convention in other programs and maybe more confusing.

I think it is resolved by the option of keeping it selected, under the settings (which I didn’t notice while trying to solve my issue, my bad).

About having it by default, I wouldn’t know… I ignore the amount of people that has only used Aseprite vs the old timers like me, but I’m guessing not many people take chances and switch programs. But I think we definitely have enough space at the top to show the option next to the symmetry icons for accessibility, that might be best feature.