Edit multiple frames / replace color on all frames

NEvermind I figured way out forget this post


At least for Replace Color you can press the “Selected” button to switch it to “All” and replace the color in the whole sprite (all frames and layers).

For other kind of edits, at the moment you can give a try to this method proposed by @Kasumi on the Discord server.


Dude Thanks so much I love you. Literally instant reply

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how do i find the “selected” button?

I think this button isn’t very clear. Even with the tooltip. You have to click it to see whether it does anything and what the alternative is, and a lot of people are very shy about that. I think using some more space and using a radio group would be clearer.

thank you! but actually i guess the problem i s i can’t find this “replace color” dialogue box

It’s under the Edit menu, and you can also open it with Shift+R.