Paste into multiple frames?

is there a way to paste into a range of frames ?

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I think there isn’t, sorry, but there are 2 “roundabouts” for this task.

-If the range of frames is small I usually just use the cursor arrows and the shortcut ctrl+v to paste faster.

-If the range is big, I usually paste into the first and last frame of the range, then I select all the frames, “right click > link cells” and finally “right click > unlink”.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:


I’ll leave a link to this post with some methods to edit multiple frames:

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thanks for the reply

This is an acceptable workflow and this is what I’ve been doing, however this leads to another issue for me and I am unsure if I am overlooking something … when selecting a range of cells, is left-click-drag the only way ? this works fine for small ranges but often my animations get into the 300+ frame range and this becomes a tedious task. I haven’t stumbled upon a way to select all or a long range of cells without left clicking then manually moving through the timeline. That would be a very welcome addition.

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I totally agree, when the range is over 80 or so it’s already tedious, 300+ must be a nightmare ^^U

I’ve been looking if there was a way of selecting a range programatically using a script, but it seems that there still aren’t methods implemented for that in the Range class api/ at master · aseprite/api · GitHub (in fact, when i try to use that clas I only get an error: “attempt to index a nil value(global ´Range´)”).

Anyway, what did you need to select that range of cells for? Depending on the answer maybe you can just select the layer to do the work?

for example, i will try to break up the pattern of the loop so that if you sit and watch the animation for a while it is not just a ping-pong style animation , it feels more unpredictable. I try to have several loops going at different intervals so that they don’t line up the same way every time so it doesn’t just feel like a loop. I hand animate a lot but after hand animating a layer for 30 frames or so, i’ll cut-paste, reverse them, move cels, animate 15 more frames, copy paste, reverse , etc… until i have long loops that don’t follow a super noticeable pattern of back-forth-back-forth type pattern. Eventually i’m trying to cut-paste long sections of cels like 120+ frames , and it’s just tedious trying to do it all with left-click-drag every time. Also after establishing 300+ cels , deciding I want to change something and having to delete all those cells, same issue.

if there is a better way i’m all ears, I know my workflow isn’t close to perfect that is why i ask a lot of questions because sometimes i’ll get into bad habits in programs that cost me a lot of time that might be obvious to someone else (like a programmer)

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Has this been updated? Is there a way to do this now?

Hello, has a workaround been developed? I basically have an old animation with many frames and need to make the background continuous. If I copy the first frame to the last one and link the cells, all the cells in between remain empty unless I copy the same frame to each single empty frame.

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I don’t know of any work-around that has been developed… but I think this would be easy enough to script. I was just trying to think of another script to write so I think I’ll try my hand at this.

not so far, but what you can do is following:
create empty continous layer by using this script: Create New Continuous Layer - #4 by Olga_Galvanova
and copy and paste the image into that layer. note: copy the image - content of the cel - not the cel itself.

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Nice! I guess no script from me is needed. I’m going to have to copy that into my scripts folder

i shall only add: don’t use my attempt, but merge scripts made by behreandtjeremy and thkwznk instead