Error reading headerError loading sprite from file

Hello, I am a Korean user. The file does not open due to an error.
I usually work with an external hard drive. When I removing the external hard drive, always remove it safely. By the way, suddenly this error occurs and the file does not open. I’m really upset. Is there a way to recover the files?

Hi @kes2263, what version of Aseprite are you using? could you please send me a copy of your file at to give it a check?

I saw the files, and they don’t look like .aseprite files :frowning:

It looks like the content of the files are raw bytes from the disk (not written by Aseprite, e.g. there are filenames inside one of those files).

This might happen because: 1) the disk has invalid sectors (so they are not saved correctly anymore), 2) Windows didn’t flush the content to the disk on time. (Maybe related to this thread, on Aseprite v1.2.8 I’ve added a explicit call to flush/sync the content of files on disk so nothing is lost, but doesn’t look like this case.)

My recommendation is to do a full check of the external disk for bad sectors.

I checked the bed sector, but I did not find any problems. I faced this problem several months ago and I had to work from the beginning. However, the external hard disk used at that time is different from now. Suddenly, this problem occurs again and I am suffering from the headache. Anyway, I do not seem to be able to restore these two files. Thank you very kindly for your reply! :slight_smile: