Export packed sprite sheet with out merging!

Please add this! It messes with my work flow when I manually have to make pot textures but aseprite wont let me keep the duplicates! I waste a lot of time fixing the animations inside of unity just because it wont allow me to export packed with duplicates! Or is there a way to do this??

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Hi there @gabrielyea, what plugin are you using to import .aseprite files into Unity? Why doesn’t this plugin support reading duplicates from the sprite sheet (which is actually the same as reading non-duplicates, because the data must be loaded from the JSON file anyway)?

Hello! I just export the sprite sheets and let unity pack them inside an atlas. I had no idea I needed a plugin or an external tool to achieve what I was asking for. But I got an aseprite importer plugin and it works great! But I still think it is weird it wont let me just get power of two sheets with duplicates. It is a pixel art game, textures are really small so I dont know how much space it saves me anyway. But thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

I’m also in a use case where exporting ‘packed’ without ‘merge duplicates’ would be a huge help. in my case, i make a separate sprite sheet for each direction the character can face, and switch textures based on facing without having to use animations. this means that each of the four sheets need to have the same frames in the same spots, even if they are duplicates. there’s a lot of other users with similar cases: Export "packed" without "merge duplicates" certainly you can make an option for exporting the sheet in a squarish shape without merging duplicates? or just ‘packed’ but without ‘merge duplicates’?