Export Sprite Sheet - "by rows/columns" makes no sense


I have an animation of 8 frames

each frame contains 3 character poses (heading north, south & west) beeing animated and disposed verticaly…each pose is 48x80 pixels so the canvas ix 48x240 pixels

I want to export a horizontal spritesheet containing the 3 animations like that, on top of each other

but if I click by rows/columns, I can’t choose the width or height that I want
it’s all preset values although my canvas in s not a power of 2…I cant either input 3 as #columns

I really dont understand how it works



If I understand your description correctly, you have 3 poses included in each frame and 8 frames, that means your spritesheet will effectively contain 8 sprites (each one just happens to have 3 characters in it). These are not three separate 8-frame animations but just one, so the number 3 makes no sense in the context of this spritesheet. It sounds like what you want is either a single column or a single row, not 3 columns.

384 is 48 (frame width) x 8 (number of columns), calculated automatically from the settings above.
The power-of-two (POT) presets are there for convenience for use with “Best fit for texture”, as POT-sized textures usually yield better performance. You do not need to edit these numbers

If your animations have 8 frames and you want them all across one row, then the number of columns should match your number of frames. So you enter 8. Let the width auto-calculate. 384 comes from your width of 48px * 8 frames = 384px

In your case you can just choose the “horizontal strip” option. The “By Rows” and “By Columns” options are if you want to specify the number of rows or columns, creating a “matrix” of frames.

  • I did not use “best fit for texture”
  • I tried “by rows” and enter 3, still not working

btw, I know GPU like POT but I use SDL to display sprites so I dont care about POT textures

anyway I used the horizontal strip instead, by rows and by cols seems useless so far

  • I tried “by rows” and enter 3, still not working

That’s because your sprite doesn’t have 3 rows. It’s 1 row with 3 animations per frame. The fact that your frame has 3 distinct characters in it is only a human distinction, as @eishiya explained.

by rows and by cols seems useless so far

Its use is if, for example, you wanted your sprite sheet to not exceed 4 frames in width, to stack them up instead.

This. That said, it should still be possible to enter 3 as the number of columns, the result would be a 3x3 spritesheet (with 3 poses per “sprite”), with the 9th frame being empty, and arranged differently from how OP seems to expect:

If the UI isn’t allowing them to enter 3, then I don’t know what the problem could be, since it works for me with the exact same set-up.

Working here as well.

I type 3 , it stays as 8

I literally just made a sprite sheet with 3 columns yesterday. It’s slightly buggy but just highlight the “8” and press 3 to replace the value. You can’t backspace for whatever reason

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I want to make some changes to the Export Sprite Sheet, mainly to By Rows/Columns options. I would like to make easier to use the dialog, for example, if we say “By Rows” we should be able to choose:

  1. I want a fixed number of columns, or
  2. I want a fixed number of pixels (width),
  3. I want one row for each tag (e.g. #1118)
  4. I want one row for each layer (each column is a frame)
  5. I want one row for each frame (each column is a layer)

The same applies for “By Columns” but it should by a fixed number of rows, or pixels (height), or one column for each tag/layer/frame.

(The new option “one row for each layer” will be available because now the Export Sprite Sheet will contain the “Split Layers” option.)


The last release v1.2.16 includes these changes.