Exporting Aseprite for Adobe Premiere

Long time Aseprite user for my games. I’ve started making short film style animations in Aseprite. I have all the shots animated, now I just need to bounce it and import it in premiere so I can combine all the clips and add audio. What are the best options for doing this losslessly?

I tried exporting as a gif but it gets some frame timings messed up. I would export as a sprite sheet but I have no idea how to deal with frame timings (export with json? and maybe theres some script out there or something to process it in premiere that isn’t a crazy headache to setup?)

I’m 100% set on keeping with Aseprite so if anyone could help layout some options that would be great, I’m far from an expert on video compression and exporting.

hi, your best bet would be to export it as a png sequence.
if your animation has different frame durations, you’ll need to fix that first.
couple of years ago i made a script for that, i guess it should still work:

however, you still might run into some issues if your animation framerate isn’t quite compatible with one of the standard framerates (24,25,30,50 and 60).