False colour overlay

I have an RGBA map which is used to blend some other textures. The palette is, by necessity, for colours of R, G, B & A where in each case the value for that channel is 255 and all others are 0.

The problem is that only the alpha channel is visible in the editor (because A = 0 for the others).

Can I create a false colour view so that I can see the RGB colours?

Hi David. Did you try a lua script to do this? You can draw on a regular basis (with alpha = 255 on RGB channels), then you can run a script to iterate each pixel and convert its alpha channel to 0.
Check Aseprite - Docs - Scripting
API GitHub - aseprite/api: Scripting API for Aseprite
Examples Aseprite Script Examples
Scripts collection Aseprite Scripts Collection
I hope this helps.

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Aye, thats an idea wo the exploring. Thanks.

Iā€™m considering using four layers and outputting each to its own channel too.