Feature Request: Layer Mode Erase

I would like to add a layer blend mode which is similar to the Krita layer blend option called “Erase”. The idea is to allow users to subtract one layer to the layers below. To apply the mask you would create a new layer above, set it to erase in the layers property then draw the desired shape to erase from the layers beneath it. This is similar to subtracting the layer marked “Erase” from the bottom layer.

In some scenarios you may want to erase at different opacities. I propose to that we could use Black as completely erase, white or transparent to keep and grey to erase using the grey color value as the opacity.

In other scenarios you want to erase only a few layers below. A good solution is to use folders as the root reference which layers to erase. If the erase layer is within a folder, it will only erase the layers inside that folder and ignore all others outside of it.

This will allow more complex designs while improving workflow of the artist.

Hi @advra, I think this is related (or maybe the same) as mask layers feature:

To do this we need to implement a new rendering engine which will include a feature like this:

There is some work in progress with:

but still nothing fully functional.

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