Clip mask feature plsssss

So i love aseprite but sometimes i still have to used danmed photoshop to conceptualize stuff with clipping mask so i relly think that would be a great addition to aseprite

A masking functionality has been requested by the community for many years – both here in Community and on GitHub.

Sadly, it seems to be pretty low priority. At first glance, this doesn’t seem particularly hard to implement – it’s essentially an “alpha” blending method, simple math. But it looks like Aseprite’s method for storing and displaying color is kinda messy under the hood (documented here), so who knows. Maybe this isn’t currently doable at all.

Anyway, I’d love to hear @dacap’s word on this – has there been any progress on this topic?

Last week (or maybe a couple of weeks ago) I talked about this on Twitter. I thought that it could be implemented as a alpha blending mode, but no, it’s a little harder, e.g. the mask layer combines the rendering with the related layer (it’s not just a blending mode that can be combined with the already painted layers in the final composition).

I’ve some ideas and it’s not “too hard” to implement, and we might make it will be available in a future v1.3 version (not the first v1.3-beta1).