Feature Request: Option to change 255 to 100%

Hey @martincapello I was thinking.
The user could have the option to change the bar (0 to 255) to (0% to 100%) opacity/alpha inside Aseprite.

I never get this. Why 255? 100% is much easier and universal language.

Thanks again,
Daniel Romanenco

Hey there, I don’t know the exact reason, but I guess it is because the alpha channel uses 1 byte to represent the opacity value. So with 1 byte it is possible to represent 256 different values (from 0 to 255), and I think that this is the reason why Aseprite uses that range of values.
About why not using % instead…I guess because you cannot set the exact value you want…for instance 90% = 230 (rounded) and 91% = 232 (rounded)…so, I cannot select the 231 value any more…I know, there is no actual perceived difference, also we could use decimal numbers for the percentage, something like 90.5%…but I believe that it is actually better to leave the user set the actual value.
We could add some hint about which percentage represent the value that the user is selecting I guess…maybe something like showing “255 (100%)” in the bar’s label.

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Oh nice! Now I understand.
But one think I like to do on photoshop that helps me to adjust the percentage bar quickly
is to click B (for brush) and then 5 on numpad to set it on 50% of alpha, for example… (same for eraser)
Or the layer, (click V + ctrl right click on something) to select one layer and then 5 to set it on 50% of alpha.
With 255 bar on Ase I can’t do it, you know.

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Hi there! Known issue, it was requested an alternative representation for alpha here too 100% instead of 256?, and other places: Intuitive opacity / alpha values in Cel properties and color pickers · Issue #1544 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub

I think we should offer as an alternative (probably new default) for alpha, saturation, and value (in HSL and HSV).

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@decap Yes!
And the quick hint (press B then press 5 to set the brush on 50% alpha) is super useful as well.