Folder for layers

Hello, fellow spriters and Aseprite team,

I think a very nice and simple addition to Aseprite would be a layer folder. This neat functionnality is present in photoshop, for example.

This could save a lot of screen space for big projects and help keep our canvas (and minds) much clearer.

Thanks for reading, have a great day !

Hi @Alpha_314, actually the beta version already have that feature :blush: known as “layer groups”. In the beta, you can create a group from Layer > New Group menu or pressing Alt+Shift+N key.

Oh, that’s neat. I’ll consider update to the beta version then.
Sorry for the useless thread and thank you for your answer.

Have a great day !

Don’t worry, no question is useless here :blush: (each question will be useful for future people that want to ask the same).