Gradient within shapes

ok i dont even know if thats possible in a raster program since i never seen before but, is possible to make a gradient within a shape without having to use selection. ist possible for example to make an option the tool recognize the color where it clicks and only make the gradient appers in that color like a fill tool you knoiw it will recognize the color selected and then replace with the color select accord to the options in the settings of the tool.

i dont know if theres more people who would want this but i think that this option in the gradient tool will be a great asset.

i alredy thank everyone who read this post in advance and apologie for my the english error because english ist my native language

Edit: let me refrain what i mean is to be able to do a gradient within a shape but only THAT shape if you desmark the continuos option it will do in all colors in the sprite and the point of this point is not having to do use the select tool all the time to do the gradient in a shape

With the base tools you’d have to use selections (you can select all instances of a color by selecting with the Magic Wand with “Contiguous” turned off).

What you’re looking for would just do a magic wand selection when you click with the gradient tool, and then deselect when it’s done. This would save two-three clicks per gradient, and perhaps it could be done with scripting. I don’t know Aseprite’s scripting API well enough to tell you whether one could add a new tool or intercept an existing one in this way using it.

That’s actually pretty much how it works, if I understand what you mean correctly. The gradient tool is actually very buggy when used inside of a non-square selection.

As eishiya mentioned you need to uncheck the “contiguous” setting as that will make the gradient tool function as the bucket and work across all pixels of that color on the current layer.

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“The gradient tool is actually very buggy when used inside of a non-square selection.”
I don’t know why it works this way, but if you select gradient tool and check continuos on, you won’t get that distorted gradient in non-square selections:

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so i think it is that when you deselect continious andu se it on the tranaprent background it tries to work on all transparent pixels see if you try to use in a color it doest have any problem

also i need to say that i tested an even if theres multiple forms with the same color it will work only on the selected one the problem is indeed with the transparent

thats a error that needs fixing, i think the origin point of the gradient gets confused and it starts outside the selection

Oh, so THAT’S what’s happening. I made a bug report for the same thing here: Gradient Tool acting weird after quick selection wand across different layers
Yeah it’s really annoying, I actually couldn’t finish an animation because of it once. Good to know there is a workaround at least.

its strange and a bug that needs fix for certain

from my experiments the origin point is getting offset by about 40 pixels