Group Swatches Within Palette

I would love the ability to name and group my swatches within my palette. Right now this is the method I’m using, which I just stumbled upon. Not even sure why I can put a bunch of black swatches in the palette window, but please don’t remove this unless I can group/name my swatches.

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P.S. This program rocks!


Actually I was thinking in something similar for the shading feature, being able to pre-define the shades (“mini-groups” of color entries) so they can be used automatically by the shading ink. So this feature is related to that one too.

P.S. thanks :heart: :blush:


That would be awesome! Can’t wait for the new features to roll out. It’s great that this program is ever morphing and evolving, especially with the needs of those who use it. :slight_smile:

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First of all the program is super awesome!
And I was struggling with palette groups, I hoped that i find some third party solutions, but I failed :smiley:
Instead I made a mock up, how I imagine this feature:

I hope it is useful.


This would be so great to have. The palettes are a mess at the moment and there is no good option for grouping them in the drop down.

Is this feature available yet?

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I just added a color grouping tool. It might be what you are looking for :slightly_smiling_face: