Help with Loading and Saving Palettes

Could someone please point me in the direction of a FAQ or tutorial on this site that will help me understand downloading and saving new color palettes for Aseprite? I searched for a bit and couldn’t find anything. I’m sure it’s an obvious thing I’m missing.

My problem is that I’ve downloaded a palette from Lospec and imported it to Aseprite as a .png but I’m not sure how/where to save it for future use. How do I locate the folder containing all the other palettes? Am I doing this the right way or am I making it too complicated?

Thanks in advance

You can save and load palettes from the menu at the top of the palette:image
You can save them anywhere and load them from anywhere.

If you want them to show up in the Presets list so that you don’t have to load them for new documents, I believe you’d need to place them in a folder in {your Aseprite folder}/data/extensions, and provide a package.json that tells Aseprite that the file is a palette and has other information about it. You can use the existing palettes as a guide. If you select one in the presets, you can click “Open folder” to see the data, including the package.json that accompanies it. It looks like all the default palettes are in GPL format, you can save your palette in that format from within Aseprite.

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