How do I change Hue, Saturation & Values for entire Color Palettes & how do I add them to the Index and/or make new Indexes?

Thanks Miura

This one had to be done one by one.

I am interested in getting it all done, much faster

select colours in palette, go to edit -> adjustments -> hue/saturation or brightness/contrast.
to add new indices you have to first copy the content of selection - either with ctrl+drag or by copy-paste.

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Thanks, I am unable to properly avoid copy-pasting it for some reason and it just changes what’s already there

well, to copy-paste colours you have to deselect them after ctrl+c, then create new index by dragging the slider, select it and paste it there, otherwise either nothing is going to happen or you’ll just replace the colours.
it might be easier to just use the mouse instead.