How to insert/draw text

You can insert/draw text using Edit > Insert Text menu option or T key:


There are plans to improve this converting the option into an interactive text tool.


I would find that a bit hard to use. There could be feature to edit it anytime. Also, Imagine. If there would be feature that lets you to create a custom pixel art font!

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The next iteration in the text tool is the possibility to draw a text box and start writing text interactively on the same canvas to view the preview in real-time while we write. Anyway I’m not sure if this should be a “text layer” (possibility to edit the text in a later time, but + complexity because there is a related font that must be present in multiple platforms), or if the text should be renderer/rasterized in the canvas directly as pixels (so the original font is not required by the user that opens the .ase file).

Some time ago I though about the possibility to import a sprite sheet as a font and to export sprite sheet as a .woff2 font. I’ll see what can be done.


The ability to preview text, edit text boxes, add paragraphs, and eventually format text would be very useful. Currently, text is very hard to position, and is rasterized once you hit enter, making it very difficult to work with.

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Hi @LeopardBunny, there are plans to add a new Text tool, but it’s planned for v1.3. I’ll merge this with Insert/draw text

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