How to make the interface go back to normal

Hello people i need some help.
I know this is a dumb question, but after i exported a sprite sheet , the layers painel teleported to left side, and it dont move back to its original place down in the interface.
I have ,tried to hold and drag,reinstaled the software,i have searched in the Edit/Preferences, in the site and the google and cant find how to make it go back to normal place.

Thanks for the help and sorry for my english.

Hi @Darksolarium, you can set the timeline panel position from the timeline configuration button:

16 PM

God bless you for the entire life.
More than 6 hours searching for a solution and its simple like breath.
I really a dumb hahahaha.
Thanks you dacap for the help.


I was pulling my f**king hair out, for 4 hours I broke the program and looked through every video/image/faq for an answer on how to move the timeline UI. @Darksolarium I feel for your struggle, but we can both rest easy now.