How to tint a grayscale?

Hello, I have a green button and I would like to recreate it with other colors but maintaining the coherence and jumps between the colors of the palette.

To do this, I thought about converting the image to grayscale and then tinting it following the steps in this post.

To check that the method works I tried to tint the gray scale green to match the original image but I never get the expected result…

Therefore I would like to know if there is any way to make the colored buttons I want from the one I already have.

You don’t need to grayscale your image, use the original, go to edit and change the HUE of your button, it is the best solution of this problem. Shifting the HUE will change all the colors at the same time keeping the coherence between them.

Yes, that is possibly the best solution.
I think I was trying to apply a method that was not appropriate for my problem.
However, I have seen that the resulting colors do not match exactly what I imagined.
In the end I did it manually by checking if the gray scale of the new image more or less coincided with the original.