Importing image sequence for rotoscoping

its it possible to import gifs or an image sequence as an aseprite animation? i want to make a rotoscoped animation with it and i know i can just copy paste images individually but this is for 61 frames of animation…

Just drag and drop a gif in and it loads all frames.

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For rotoscoping, you’ll probably want to use a Reference Layer, so that your animation can have a different resolution from the images. To do that, make your document, then go to Layer -> New -> New Reference Layer from file and select your GIF. Unfortunately, this does mean you’ll have to make your references into a GIF first, Aseprite doesn’t seem to support loading multiple files as a reference layer to create an animation.

If your reference files are all named in sequence (e.g. file1.png, file2.png, file3.png…) you can open them in Aseprite and Aseprite will prompt you whether to open them as an animation. If you Agree, you’ll get them all on one layer in a single file, as an animation. You can then use this as an informal reference layer, or you can export the animation and load it as a Reference Layer in another document.
If they’re not, you can use the website EZGif to turn them into a GIF without having to open each one individually.

@dacap When opening multiple files for a Reference Layer, it seems that only the first file gets set as the reference, and the rest become new documents, with the imported images as regular layers. This is definitely not the behavior I’d expect xP
When opening a numbered sequence of PNGs (in my case, hub01, hub02, hub03, hub04) and clicking Agree to import them as an animation, the first two are added as reference frames, and the subsequent files are put into their own documents.

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