Improvements to Rotsprite?


I’m enjoying the latest update, but I’m Just wondering if any improvements are planned for Rotsprite. Its a really useful feature but I think it still has a few distortions.

Any planned improvements for it?


Hi! There are plans to improve the performance of the algorithm, and maybe trying some tweaks to check what could work better.


Thank you!

This is greatly appreciated. RotSprite is an essential feature for pixel art imo. Glad Aseprite has it.

I don’t know what plans you have for the algorithm, but is it possible to include exceptions at rotations of multiples of 90° to use a mix of rotsprite scaling and fast rotation, since rotsprite does a poor job at those rotations.


@mbartelsm the fix will be available on v1.2.14 soon

Excellent news :smiley: