Is there a way to turn Tileset pieces into something like the color palette? In-terms of quickness

I finished making my first tileset, and I know it’s being lazy, but is there a way to turn it into something like the color palette so I don’t have to constantly switch what’s the current “paint brush” or go back to manually copying and pasting?

I’m not sure how it can all be done faster without switching between files

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hopefully i’m understanding the question properly, are you asking how you can essentially paint with the tile pieces? I use a program called “Tiled” where you can set up a grid/level and import your individual tile pieces, then you can pretty much just paint with them. I have used it for a long time to make my own tilesets so i hope this helps.

I meant, to more quickly make use of the tilesets, I don’t like going back and forth so much

Hey there! Are you using regular layers or tilemap layers?

You can convert your layer into a tilemap using Layer > Convert To > Tilemap Layer menu (in the beta/v1.3-rc4 version):

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Never knew this was a thing, I assume it’s new as I don’t remember Mr Mislav covering it