🇮🇹 Italian translation!

Hello everyone! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t3:
Congrats for having such a nice and pretty forum, quite appropriate for a pixel art drawing software. :heart_eyes:

I bought Aseprite some months ago and I immediately tried to set it on italian, but there’s no it :it: localization yet. So I said: “Let’s make it on my own!”

I gotta say that I had to spend some time searching for what to actually do to help translate it, I’ve noticed that there’s a Git project here in languages but no clear instructions on what to do to contribute.

So what I did was going into the software directory and I found this file named en.ini which seemed to contain the strings to translate. I did a duplicate, named it it.ini and just started translating away. :smiley:

After some hours of work, I randomly found this forum, so here I am.
Is this the correct thing to do? Once I completed translating the file, what should I do?
I’m able to test it already directly in my Aseprite by changing the language in the preferences, but what’s next?

Cheers for your help!

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Hi @Fabiano! thanks for contacting us about this. You are right, the en.ini file contains the text of the program, so creating an it.ini is the first step for the translation.

Then you can create a package (create a .zip and rename the extension to .aseprite-extension) to distribute your translation, the .zip must contain your it.ini file and other file named package.json: https://www.aseprite.org/docs/extensions/#languages

In the languages project you can see some examples about how to package other languages, for example French or Portuguese.

I hope it helps!

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