Layer mask for color and transparency

Hi I didn’t find anything about this anywhere but what feature I really miss is:

Layer mask.

I don’t exactly mean milions of masks for everything like in Photoshop but simple transparency/color mask would be great enough. I know that things can be done even without it now but sometimes to set up simple masks for all animation and then just soft brushing them when needed (or even much better - gradient them with the new tool!) with simple black/white color would be such useful feature. And once the layer mask is set it can be copied to another layer and made immediate drastic changes over all animation and so on. The possibilities are endless. What do you think?


Hi @dexxter24, some months ago the same feature was requested here. I would love to see mask layers, but it’s a little far away from the roadmap yet.


Bro please add this feature, working with silhouettes would be MUCH easier.

I would also accept an transparency lock. like i can draw a silhouette, lock the transparency of the layer, then draw inside the silhouette.

This would be just as good for me.

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You could use Onion skin for that! Create a new frame from your silhouette, turn onion skin on and delete the new frame contempt, this could help you a little maybe :smile: