Layered file that I can import to and from Photoshop/GIMP?

So I’m working on pixel art files that are rather layout/design focused and as such, am switching between Photoshop and Aseprite frequently to use features that are stronger in one or the other. Is there a file type that both programs support that includes layers and opacity?

I’m not concerned about Photoshop specific features like masks, etc. I just don’t want to have to save each individual layer as a png, then open each png in a doc in the other program and collate them together.

There is no support for .psd files (yet).


I think even TIFF files might work.

I’ll take a look to tiff files, it might be as a good option to implement quickly (instead of psd files which are an huge amount of work)



It’s been about a year since this thread started.
I’m looking for a way to get my layers from Aseprite into Adobe After Effects.

Was wondering if there’s any improvements of this?
Any plans?



Also looking for info in this.

Good news everyone! ^o^

Tsukina_7mochi has created a lua script for exporting multi-layered Aseprite files to .psd files!! :smiley: :smiley:

You can download it from here: If you have problems opening the exported PSD, you can try using this revision of the script file (right click on the link and choose “save link as”).

If you don’t know how to install scripts into Aseprite you can find how to do it right here.

It is still not possible (to my knowledge at least) to import a .psd file into Aseprite, but at least we have now the export option :wink:


This is awesome, but I’m having some trouble making it work!

Downloading the script from github, I get this error "7:unexpected symbol near ‘<’ "
Both lua files on the site give me this error.

Bu using the link of the revision @JJHaggar sent in case we had problems opening the exported file, I can create a psd without errors, but ironically, I have problems with the exported file. Photoshop won’t open it.

Hi! :slight_smile: I had some problems with the first version I downloaded, so I reported the bug to Tsukina-7mochi (the person who wrote the script) here: Problem opening generated PSD files · Issue #1 · Tsukina-7mochi/aseprite-scripts · GitHub

Please have a look at that page, just in case it’s the same problem, and if it’s not maybe you could tell all the info you can about the bug (your OS, your Photoshop version, your Aseprite version, screenshots of the error messages, etc) to Tsukina-7mochi.

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Thank you very much!
I submitted it the bug, and I really hope there will be a fix, eventually! :slight_smile:

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You are welcome! :slight_smile:

Also, I think maybe you should copy the content of the scripts that give you that error, just in case.

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Hi, I did’t get that error but did get it to work, and haven’t installed any scripts before, so thought I’d share what i did for newbies like me, and maybe it’ll work for you @karikatourea too.

Downloaded the stable version, put “Export as psd_1.0.lua” in the scripts folder (in Aseprite: file > scripts > open scripts folder), restarted Aseprite, and the script showed up in files > scripts.

However, when clicking it, it asked for “Export_as_psd_lib” > “UTF8toSJIS.lua”. I recognised “UTF8…” as one of the 2 other files included in the downloaded zip, so followed the ‘recipe’, created a folder named “Export_as_psd_lib” within the scripts folder and put both of the 2 remaining files from the zip in that. Now i probably restarted Aseprite, and it works!

Tested it with a very simple file, just 2 layers, 1 frame, so can’t say how it’ll react to more complex stuff, but thanks a lot @JJHaggar and @Tsukina-7mochi for bringing this to us !!

Now i’ll go looking for a solution for the other way round – to import layered files to Aseprite, which was initially what brought me here hah


The Script works very well for my file ^^~ thank you, Tsukina <3