Layered file that I can import to and from Photoshop/GIMP?


So I’m working on pixel art files that are rather layout/design focused and as such, am switching between Photoshop and Aseprite frequently to use features that are stronger in one or the other. Is there a file type that both programs support that includes layers and opacity?

I’m not concerned about Photoshop specific features like masks, etc. I just don’t want to have to save each individual layer as a png, then open each png in a doc in the other program and collate them together.


There is no support for .psd files (yet).


I think even TIFF files might work.


I’ll take a look to tiff files, it might be as a good option to implement quickly (instead of psd files which are an huge amount of work)



It’s been about a year since this thread started.
I’m looking for a way to get my layers from Aseprite into Adobe After Effects.

Was wondering if there’s any improvements of this?
Any plans?