Line Preview Isn't Working

Hello all,

I’m fairly new to Aseprite, so forgive me if I’m just not recalling correctly, but I could’ve swore that (when using the pencil tool) clicking on a pixel, then holding shift and moving the mouse used to show a line stretching from the current placement of the mouse to the pixel clicked. Then, you can click the mouse and ‘finalize,’ the line.

This is working now, but it is not showing me the preview of the line before I click. I can click the mouse, hold shift, move to a new point, then click again, a line will be drawn, but no preview. Am I misremembering? Did it always not have a preview?


The preview works on the beta version

Ahh ok! That makes sense! When I demoed it, I used the beta, but when I bought it, I downloaded the release. Thanks you!

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