MacOS/iOS Sidecar support

Hi all,

@decap wanted to first of all say how incredible Aseprite is, and how remarkable it is that you’re actively supporting it. Well worth the money.

Secondly, I’ve been trying MacOS/iOS sidecar on iPad and it’s definitely useable - pressure sensitivity works which is great - but I wouldn’t say it’s the easiest and I still seem to need a keyboard nearby to get access to undo and the like. It would be amazing to have implemented:

  • Two finger tap for undo
  • Two finger double-tap for redo
  • Pencil double tap for switching tools (usually to eraser, but may be a nice way to get to the right-click colour?)
    • Possible solution to the rightclick colour problem is a primary/secondary switcher button like photoshop has but I’m sure you’ve though of it!
  • (Three finger?) pinch zoom / pan

Nice to have:

  • Three finger tap for eyedropper

As a few people said here, Procreate on iOS feels like the gold standard for touchscreen art UX. Maybe we can take some inspiration from them?

I hope I’m not missing this functionality and it already exists!

Also just a thought on sidecar over iOS native - I think I’m more likely to stick with desktop Aseprite because filesync is a pain to set up. I enjoy being able to export a spritesheet and see it update immediately in Unity. Just my two cents!

Thanks a lot for this product,

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Hey BDS—I think you can get some or most of what you want using Astropad or Astropad Studio. Astropad + Aseprite is pretty much exclusively how I create my pixel art and animations.