Max Size Brush Preview on tablet

Hey, i really love your program and its new feature “Dynamics”. But is it intentional that brush preview is always max size when “Size” is used in “Dynamics”? I found it very inconvenient. Or maybe this problem is only on my side? I have pretty old tablet (Wacom CTE-430)
Its look like that
I just cant see what I’m doing behind the brush preview :pensive:

This is the same behaviour you get in most drawing software. It’s just more noticeable with the full brush preview, whereas most other programs have brush edges as the default. You can enable brush edges or just the crosshair cursor in Preferences > Cursors,

Oh, I didn’t know that, I’m still new at drawing. I guess I’ll just have to get used to it then.

Or it will be really cool if had feature to switch between max and min size brush preview (with Size option in Dynamics), but don’t bother if its too hard to implement…

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I’ve made a github issue regarding this problem.

I’m thinking that maybe when dynamics is enabled we can show the minimum brush size preview (as it’s the first thing that will be painted). Other option would be to just use one pixel as preview (or the brush edges option).

I think this is a great idea!

Perhaps the brush edges preview could show both the minimum and maximum when they’re sufficiently different? It would be weird and possibly disorienting if one preview type showed the maximum while the other showed the minimum, but edges have the luxury of showing both.

I had the pressure with the min-size showing on the canvas before but it changed on me suddenly and wasnt sure if this was an update or something I may have clicked.

I prefer the cursor showing the min. size and being able to change that with the size slider (not going into the mix-max size settings)

If possible, show minimum brush size as preview, and maximum at the same time as if you were using the “Brush Edges” option in the cursor preferences.

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Not sure how to show the brush preview in case that the minimum brush size (when the sensor is 0.0) is greater than the maximum brush size (when the sensor is 1.0).

Since the problem to solve is visibility when using the full brush preview with size dynamics enabled, I think the smallest possible size of the brush should be shown, regardless of how it’s achieved.

I think its logical if brush preview will show what will be drawn at the start, so if min size is 1 and max is 5 then preview will be 1, and if min is 5 and max is 1 then preview will be 5.
(Sorry if my English is bad). I really don’t understand if what we have right now is same as in most drawing software. Really blows my mind that my friends are ok with that… If I tap one time I will see min size dot, not max size, so why do I want to see max size preview all the time :thinking:

Most other programs don’t have a solid preview like Aseprite does, and instead show the brush edges (an option Aseprite also has), which do not obscure what you’re working on.

Well, maybe, I haven’t checked other programs, because aseprite is all I need for my small pixel-hobby.

I’m inclined to the idea to show the minimum size (same for the angle) for the preview. In my yesterday’s patch it’s like @Appuru said in the previous post. The idea is that when the pen will press the surface the sensor starts from 0.0 (so size and angle will be like the preview), anyway this might be different for velocity.

I guess that ultimately it’s something that must be tested by several users and see how it works (this feature already had several tweaks, so nothing to worry about it if it still need more changes).

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Couldn’t you show the minimum as an opaque color preview, and maximum as an outlined edge preview? Then you could see both, and it doesn’t matter which is bigger, smaller, etc.

Something like the above. The solid color is the minimum brush, and the outline is the maximum.

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This is what @KashouC said I guess, it’s a good idea, but the confusing part is when the min size is greater than the max size. I could add a new option in Edit > Preferences > Cursors > Brush Preview and then see if this should be the default or not, but it’s not a bad idea.

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Would something like this not suffice for when min>max?

Exactly, I find it confusing a little, but it’s something that should be tested.

@WolftrooperNo86 That option doesn’t fix the fundamental problem brought up by the OP: the opaque full-size preview obscures what you’re working on when the largest possible brush (whether that’s the max or the “min”) is shown solid. So, even if that option is added, it would be nice to have an option that shows only the smallest size, whether that’s the minimum or the maximum, to make it easier to start your stroke exactly where you need it.