My mouse keeps stuttering on the canvas

I have an issue where my mouse is just stuttering when I go draw on the canvas on Aseprite. I hover my mouse over the canvas and when mouse it around it starts stuttering. I am not sure why this is happening, I barely got the thing about a few days ago and I hardly use it due to how annoying the cursor is stuttering. Everywhere else I move the mouse such as the color palette, the frame table it is all pixel perfect no stuttering no lag smooth fps. HOWEVER when I move my mouse into the canvas it all starts stuttering. I tried finding solutions yet the solutions I have found don’t work. If anyone needs to know:
Version: v1.2.25-dev
I compiled the software from GitHub if anyone needed to know. Also the solutions I found were located here Aseprite cursor lag yet none of them help me.

Edit: When I use other tools such as the magnifying tool the canvas no longer lags, it seems that it’s only an issue within’ the pencil tool itself.

When I use aseprite my mouse starts glitching AGAIN! Last time I compiled it myself and this time I decided to reformat my PC and install it legit from the Steam store. I don’t know what is happening! My issue is that my mouse starts stuttering over my canvas. It stutters so much that it is genuinely annoying to use. Can someone please tell me how to fix this?

Edit: On my last topic I explained this in more detail if anyone wanted to know. My mouse keeps stuttering on the canvas

Hi @joemama_joemamam, are you on Windows or Linux? could you please try changing the option: Edit > Preferences > Cursors > Crosshair Type = Simple Crosshair

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It worked! Thank you!

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