Need an export script which trims whitespace

Hello all! I am a gamedev and I decided I would like to use Aseprite for my assets. There is a specific case that has been popping up very frequently where I suspect a script would come in handy.

I am working with many layered sprites to construct the game-objects. I need a script which can export every layer in the aseprite file as a .png and trim any whitespace around the region the has colored-in pixels. Bonus if i can specify a region of whitespace around that area also.

Does anyone know of a script that has this export all layers + whitespace trimming functionality?

The built-in Export Sprite Sheet feature might do what you want. It has options to trim cels, split layers, and add padding. If you want to export one frame at a time from a multi-frame file, you can select the frame you want as well.


On this basis, I hope it will not export atlas, but PNG files one by one. Is there any way?

Hi folks,

I was wondering if this is a similar issue as raised in this thread.

I went back and updated the script in the thread to include an alpha padding feature.

The issue came up for me when importing, not exporting, so I have not tested eishiya’s suggestion. It wasn’t clear from the above whether export sprite sheet features resolved this. I think it’d would be nice if the user had some discretion regardless of the stage in the workflow: import, editing, export.