Normal map colour wheel not switching to discrete

Not sure if its something to do from my side, but since past couple of days the discrete mode in the normal colour map wheel seems to be not working.

Aseprite v1.3-beta 16-x64

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Hi @bubuman,

Recently Aseprite switched to rendering its color wheels with shaders / GPU acceleration. I think this is on both stable and beta branch. When discrete is on, the white/black marker square will move around as if discrete, but the sections don’t appear. Try going to Edit > Preferences > Experimental > Use shaders for color selectors to turn this on or off. You can see the source code here if interested.

Not related to your issue:
The normal map color wheel has other problems that lead me to recommend against using it anyway. You can find alternatives on the Internet or make your own in software like Blender.

I use something like the above, which I made with this Lua script. I don’t expect most people need the bottom half (tangent space vs. world space maps). You can adjust normal maps you may have already made with a script like this.



Hey @behreandtjeremy ,

Thanks a ton, I’ve just tested and thats exactly whats been causing it.
Guess I’ll use an alternative.