Pasting selection between files bugs rectangle marque tool

It seems that ever since the last update, my selection keeps bugging out. I am working in two different aseprite files, each with a 64px grid. I am copy & pasting sprites between the two. My grid selection bugs out when I have a tile selected in the other file. The rectangle selection in my original file does not update when I select a new tile, and if I copy & paste this ‘invisible selection’, the added sprite can no longer be removed by using tools like CTRL-Z.

The tile at the bottom is the one I copied and pasted into another aseprite file. After returning to this file, I selected the tile at the top. The rectangular margue tool did not move it’s indication.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Open two files (presumably with grids enabled)
  2. Select a grid tile in file 1 by double clicking, and copy the tile with CTRL+C.
    leave the selection on the tile you copied.
  3. Open file 2, and paste the tile onto a grid tile.
    the pasted grid tile will now be selected. Leave it selected, by not clicking anywhere else
  4. Open file 1, and select a new grid tile.
    the grid selection will not update correctly, and stay on the tile you selected & copied before
  5. Copy the new grid tile, and paste the sprite somewhere in file 1.
  6. Click outside the pasted selection to drop the sprite & unselect it.
  7. Revert one step by pressing CTRL+Z.
    The sprite will not be removed. Only steps before the pasting will be reverted

I’m not sure what is going wrong, but it is messing things up a bit. I got real confused for a bit. Hope the explanation helped, and please ask for additional info if required.

Additional Info

  • Using Aseprite.exe through Steam.
  • Version: Aseprite v1.2.14-x64
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Hi @Arecher! Thanks for reporting this issue, we’ll try to fix it for v1.2.15 ASAP (to be released this week)

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