Pencil Tool Lag


I started noticing 3 days ago that my Aseprite software has become laggy when using the Pencil Tool. The odd thing is that it doesn’t lag upon startup. It seems after a few minutes, maybe 5 or 10 it’ll just start to lag, and the issue “resets” when I restart my PC. There is a visible delay between contact of my pen to the line forming. This messes with angles and makes curves look sharp.

I draw on a canvas of 1000x1000 normally, but I have for a while and there have never been problems till now. I’ve even tried drawing on a canvas of 100x100 and it still lags. I have no clue if it’s a software bug or a PC problem, but other software you’d assume to be a bit more taxing on resources, like Blender, work perfectly fine.

Welcome @AbsoluteBore!

About your performance issue, could you please give a try setting Edit > Preferences > Cursors > Crosshair Type = Simple Crosshair and check how does it work?

I’m closing this topic, the same answer was given in the Discord server and it solved the problem.