Pretty nasty bug (specific)

When drawing (specifically with a drawing tablet) and you press ctrl z (undo) (with your pen on the virtual paper) then remove the pen from the paper, the entire layer will be stuck to your pen, and every time you touch something in the program, including both drawing and the close buttons you will get an error and will be forced to close the program with task manager. I have the steam version with its auto updates so it should be up to date.

to replicate bug simply touch a pen to a drawing tablet then press ctrl, z

when using a drawing tablet it will cause the crash every time
when using mouse it seems to work fine

To add to this you if you are using a pen you have to hold ctrl while you’re pressing down the pen and then hit Z. It’s a move tool bug so if you select the move tool, click with the pen, then hit ctrl+z while it’s down, it will do it.

It does the same thing with a mouse it seems. Also you can fix it by selecting the move tool or holding ctrl down and clicking on something on the canvas.

Hi there :wave: I’ll try to take a look to this bug for v1.2.26 ASAP.

I got the same problem. Does the message says…

Has ocurred an error.
Can’t modify the sprite
Is being used by another command.
Try Again.


Because it happens with mouse too, is a really annoying error. It sticks to my cursor and cab’t do anything even closing aseprite.