Preview doesn't update when using script - v1.3 beta

i’m using convert to greyscale script (this one: Understanding Colour Value with HSL/HSV - #3 by Olga_Galvanova ). when i use it, the preview window doesn’t update unless i hide and reveal one of the layers (so i can even start drawing on that layer without any change). it doesn’t matter if i use shortcut or call the script from menu.

edit: if i select a brush and wiggle over the layer created by script without drawing on it, i can reveal it bit by bit as well.

Hi @Olga_Galvanova, actually some scripts need to call app.refresh() to refresh the screen/preview (I see that this is script does that), but it shouldn’t be necessary, i.e. if app.refresh() is necessary it means that something has to be fixed in Aseprite to take care of these cases where something is modified in the sprite and then (when the transaction/modification/script is over) the screen must be refreshed automatically.

I’ll create an issue related to app.refresh()-related issues linking this post just in case.

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