Privacy Policy Updated

Hi everybody! We’ve updated the privacy policy just to indicate that we are using Zendesk for user support (so sending a user request through, Twitter, or Facebook) will store the conversation in Zendesk servers.

Our privacy policy: Aseprite - Privacy
And please post any question you have in the comments section or at

Changes with previous version:

 # Privacy Policy
-Last modified: May 22, 2018.
+Last modified: July 15, 2020.
 This notice describes how Igara Studio S.A., or Igara for short,
 collects and uses data about you.
@@ -153,9 +153,12 @@ in [Google Cloud Storage]( coldline
 in Europe Union.
 When you send an e-mail to <a href=""></a>
-address (or any other address),
+address, or <a href=""></a>,
+or a direct message to [@aseprite Twitter account]( or
+[Facebook Aseprite account](,
+[Zendesk]( and
 [Google G Suite](
-stores and handles the e-mail with their servers.
+stores and handles the e-mail communication with their servers.
 Depending on which platform you have used to purchase Aseprite, your
 data as a customer will be stored on the server of that specific
@@ -206,7 +209,7 @@ a link to download all of your activity in standard comma-separated
 values format.
 To get access to your personal information as a customer, you can
-contact Igara (<a href=""></a>)
+contact Igara (<a href=""></a>)
 from the e-mail address that you have used to purchase Aseprite.
 Generally most of your data as a customer is stored in third-party websites like
 [Humble Bundle](, [](,
@@ -233,7 +236,7 @@ edit posts, Igara will keep all versions of your posts. Forum
 administrators can view old versions of posts, and optionally make
 them visible to other forum visitors.
-In any case, you can contact Igara (<a href=""></a>)
+In any case, you can contact Igara ([](
 to erase all the data that Igara hosts about you on.
 You will need to contact some other third parties (Humble
 Bundle,, Gumroad, and Steam) depending on where your purchase
@@ -288,8 +291,13 @@ in the United States or Canada (e.g. Elastic Email).
 * [Google Analytics]( (
   Compiles visitor statistics on the website. You can opt
   out of Google Analytics using a [browser extension](
+* [Zendesk]( (
+  Provides an interface/storage of support requests that are made via
+  [](,
+  [@aseprite Twitter account](, and
+  [Facebook Aseprite account](
 * [Google G Suite]( (
-  Provides e-mail service for the domain and data storage.
+  Provides e-mail service and data storage for and domains.
 * [Google Cloud Compute Engine]( (
   Provides hosting for the website.
 * [Google Cloud Storage]( (
@@ -323,12 +331,12 @@ Generally this should not apply to you.
 You can send questions and complaints to:
-<a href=""></a>
 <a name="updates"></a>
 ## How can I find out about changes?
-This version of Igara's privacy policy took effect May 22, 2018.
+This version of Igara's privacy policy took effect July 15, 2020.
 Igara will post the next version at
 Igara may change how it announces changes in future versions.
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