Request: Perpective snap

Okay, I am kind of a new user so if this is something that is already doable, I apologize - a quick google search didn’t yield any results.

So, what I’m looking for is the following:

The ability to first input one or several vanishing point-coordinates onto a list, so then after I draw a line and press shift, instead of just snapping to certain angles, it’d also snap to the perspective-lines that connect to the vanishing points.

This would make the process of drawing a lot faster for me, as my current workaround involves having a separate layer just for perspective-lines; a layer that becomes cluttered incredibly fast.

So really, it’d shorten my current process of:

  • Make perspective layer visible
  • Switch to perspective layer
  • draw line from vanishing point
  • Switch back to normal layer
  • draw line following the perspective-line I just drew
  • Make perspective layer invisible


  • Press shift
  • Draw line

Hmm… I suggest Scriptable Snap feature here: assign Lua script function from script to process snapping of ([x0, y0,] cursor_x, cursor_y) → (snapped_x, snapped_y). User should be able to cancel such Snap mode easily just like usual Snap.

This way we can have Perspective snappings, Isometry snappings, Hexagonal snappings and just any other kind of snappings you could even imagine of.

That sounds really good! Since I’m very mutch a maths-person (tho less of a programmer person) I could probably figure out the actual calculations behind it, but I admit I didn’t even know you could add scripts to Aseprite until you mentioned it (again, very new user here).

Don’t get me wrong. There is no Scriptable Snap feature yet implemented. But I suggest it to be added. As for scripts you may read about scripts here: Aseprite Scripts Collection - #53 by mixelon