RGB to Indexed Mode changes colors

When changing from RGB mode to Indexed mode, the colors don’t map correctly and my image changes. Is there a way to switch modes while keeping the art exactly the same?

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Welcome @jodie! The conversion from RGB to Indexed uses the current palette, you can try to create a specific palette for your sprite before and then try to convert the color mode:

Anyway if you have too many colors (more than 256) in your image, there can be some difference in the final result. We’re working on some fixes about this for the next version (not sure if v1.2.18 or v1.2.19).

I have tried creating the palette from the current sprite before switching modes (and my current palette has 64 colors). However, after switching, the sprite doesn’t preserve the color shapes.

For example, if I have an area of 2 colors, when I switch to indexed mode, the area turns into a single color. Basically, although the palette itself might not change, the image does.

@dacap I get the same issue as @jodie. I am 100% all of the colors on my sprite are in my color palette as I started the sprite from scratch with the same palette, and I never modified any of the color in the palette.

But when I switch to indexed color mode, all the black (#000000) pixels in my sprite (which should be index 0) get changed to #1b2632 (index 12). (I’m using the ARNE32 color scheme)

This happens consistently.

Hey @apaulinb7, just wanted to let you know that I was told to send an example of my issue to the aseprite support email, so I sent them my file. I got an email back essentially saying that it was a bug.

As far as I know, there’s not much we can do unfortunately. However, this was 6 months ago, and maybe they can give us an update or some more insight on this.