Russian Language - Русификатор Aseprite

[RU] Русский язык Aseprite для версии 1.2.9
Содержит файлы русификации и шрифты с добавленной кириллицей
Переведены все пункты файла *.ini

[EN] Aseprite Russian language for version 1.2.9
Contains russification files and fonts with added Cyrillic alphabet
All the items in the * .ini file are translated.

Загрузите с Облака, распакуйте архив и установите согласно инструкции(внутри архива)
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Thanks for this. I see that you’re using my old Aseprite font with the Cyrillic script chars. I never find the time to complete that font (or to improve bitmap fonts to support several Unicode ranges). Sometime in the future I hope to restore back those characters. (The font is useful only if you’re going to use it with Russian, because there are a lot of missing Unicode characters in between :sob:)

Hi David! The font was sent to me by friends and said that it was from an earlier version of the program. I could also make a pixel font myself (I make fonts in the Font Creator program), but time is not enough.
Thanks for the program, many of my friends like it very much!

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That’s right. You don’t have to worry to create a new one, this one is fine (but I cannot distribute it in the official version at the moment because it hides a lot incomplete Unicode characters).

I think with time we can create a graphic font, but we need a table of all the characters. Where can we get a character table to draw a font?
I think there are many talented artists on the forum of the community! Maybe community members will help us if I post a request for help on the forum?

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If suddenly anyone is interested: