Scaling multiple frames simultaneously?

Is there an edit multiple frames option so that I could select many frames on a timeline and scale the whole animation (several frames) at the same time?

I was somehow able to make a selection on the frame itself by playing around, not sure what that was (the frame on the timeline got the cutted line moving around like in a selected area on the canvas typically).



Hi @Syno, actually there is no way to scale multiple cels/frames/etc. at the same time, a possibility would be to Duplicate the sprite, resize it, and then copy and paste the resulting cels to the original document.

Forgot to say, there is an issue to improve this in future versions and be able to transform several cels at the same time.

This can be done:

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This feature as well as selection across multiple frames would be a life saver

Hello, was there an urgent need for the function to select and scale multiple frames at once there was such an opportunity?

I needed it then and many times after - standard feature imo

This will be available in Aseprite v1.2.14