Screenshot on steam version

Well, I want to take a screenshot in Aseprite (steam version), but unlike games, just pressing F12 didn’t work, so… How can I take it?

Your keyboard should have a screenshot button. Also known as “Print Screen”, it can be written as PrtSc or something too. You press it, then you can use “Paste as New Image” in aseprite under the edit menu. Might be under Paste Special.

Yes but, I’m asking for how to upload and that appears in “Screenshots” in my steam profile

I’m not sure you can. There’s an artwork section in your steam profile though.

It’s not possible from the program (although I think some user were able to upload screenshots, not sure how :sweat_smile:), the idea is that the program have to use the Steam API to create a screenshot and I never looked at it yet. But we would like to add this possibility in a near future.

It would be great that option uwu, thx anyways

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I was able to advance a little about this:

:open_mouth: it will just be like the games? Just F12 and there you go? Btw, when it will be that version?

I hope to have the F12 key ready for tomorrow (I’ve planned to release v1.2.20 tomorrow). At the moment I’ve already added a new command to take the screenshot and add it to Steam library (the upload process is done in the Steam client as usual).

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Alto capo el david, ídolo owo

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Some news about this:

  • To make the F12 key work the Steam overlay must be functional (source: Steam Screenshots (Steamworks Documentation)), and as Aseprite doesn’t use OpenGL or DirectX (at the moment), we don’t have the overlay, so the F12 key (or the configured one on Steam) is not received. We don’t receive any kind of callback, even using the manual dispatch of callbacks API (Steamworks API Overview (Steamworks Documentation)).
  • We’ll offer F12 as a default shortcut on Aseprite to create screenshots (a Steam screenshot if Steam is running, or it will open the screenshot in the app)

This is at the moment the best we can offer, the F12 key must be re-configured on Aseprite manually, but at least by default it should work as expected (if the key wasn’t re-configured on Steam).

But it will work normally? Pressing the screenshot configurated button, and then it open the steam screenshot menu(idk how to call it) to upload it? And… We have to activated something to get this(?)

The only problem I’ve found is that the screenshot popup/notification is not shown, so you have to go to Steam, and View > Screenshots menu, it’s not the best UX, but I’m not sure if it’s possible to show the screenshot popup without the overlay.

Well, that’s not a big problem, that function is now available? Don’t know how but programs like wallpaper engine, that run in backgrounds (segundo plano skdljads), have an option to take a screenshot and open directly that screenshots menu :c

Actually I’ve just asked in the Steamworks Development and it’s possible to open the screenshots menu launching this URL steam://open/screenshots/431730 (431730 is the appID of Aseprite).

So now after pressing F12 the Steam Screenshots will be opened automatically :+1:

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So right now it’s possible? Or what do I have to do with that command?

No no, it’s not possible yet. I have to release the changes in Aseprite v1.2.20 (the new release will be available today)