[Script] Export groups, layers and tags separately

I just watched AdamCYounis’ video on export scripts for Aseprite this morning Pixel Art Class - Tips & Scripts for Supercharging Your Aseprite Workflow - YouTube. The scripts seemed very powerful but after trying them I noticed that they don’t do exactly what I wanted. I need my groups and layers of my animations to be exported out as well as the tags for the game that I am working on. (basically I take layered sprites, merge them together and use that for my animations on run time when the game first loads up or when a clothing item is changed in the inventory. This lets me have a lot of customization, easy to manage, add to, and there are no visual glitches with the character’s sword or eyes appearing in front of trees when he is behind it). I was not able to find anything on the forums that met this need, so I decided to make my own by expanding on the aseprite tags-to-sheet (I have the link in the readme file on the GitHub page as I am a new member and can only have two links total).

I just finished it and it works for my needs. I have a little more information on the tool in the readme. Hopefully it can be of use for other people as well.

Example of the tool being used.