[Script] Timer script

This code is a counter, it is for you know how long it took to create a sprite.

This is good for those who are training.

Aseprite version: v1.2.10-beta4 or better

How to install:
1º Download script in github
2º Open your script folder

3º Copy Timer.lua to script folder
4º Reopen aseprite, and execute script

Update aseprite to beta version
Select “beta - Beta version - Preview features”



Does it auto-pause when the window is inactive? Checking the script, I don’t see anything for that, but I’m not familiar with LUA or Aseprite’s API. Such a feature would be very useful to those of us who use Aseprite for freelance work, for billing clients just for time spent working and not time spent checking Twitter xP

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This script is good for those who are training, and trying to make “sprites base”, faster to see its evolution

Unfortunately in api of aseprite I can not focus on the window, the API is very limited at the moment.

Who knows in the future I can add this function.


I see! Thanks for the reply.

In the meantime, there are external timer programs freelancers can use.

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Could you please tell me the name of some of those programs @eishiya ? If one of them really check the windows focus I’d really interested :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the one I saw before (it was in a Tumblr post years ago), but I did find one that tracks time spent in all windows called “Free Time Tracker”, so you can check time spent in your work programs after the fact. Not as nice as just a clean timer, but it’s something. Perhaps you’ll have better luck searching than I did.

Thanks @eishiya , if I find a program like that I’ll post it here :slight_smile:

In the meanwhile, could you provide a link for that “Free Time Tracker” please? (or just write it to in a private message me if you think that somebody could think about it as spam).

Hi! Thanks a lot for the script, but its not working for me (v1.3 beta 11 x64).

Make sure you download the script from GitHub instead of copy+pasting it from the webpage. Looks like you’ve got some HTML formatting copied along with the script, instead of just the raw text.

Thanks a lot! Not a programmer here but used Notepad, copied Github text over the .lua file contents and worked.